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What is Ty?
Ty Inc. was started in 1986 by Mr. H. Ty Warner, the company’s founder and CEO. Starting with what is known today as the Ty Classics line, the small business began producing reasonably priced plush animals who had an “under-stuffed” effect.

Source: aboutbeanies.com

In 1993, Ty launched the famous Beanie Babies line, beginning with what collectors refer to as the “Original Nine” – Pinchers the lobster, Patti the platypus, Chocolate the moose, Cubbie the bear, Flash the dolphin, Legs the frog, Splash the orca, Spot the dog, and Squealer the pig. Though described as having a “roadkill” look, the small-scale plush toys were cheap enough for kids to purchase on an allowance-based budget. Because Ty would “retire,” or end production, of certain Beanies, their individual values would soon skyrocket as the “Beanie Craze” consumed the toy market during the 1990’s.

Twenty-plus years later, Ty has expanded worldwide and has produced thousands of plush products in numerous toy lines. Currently, Ty’s best sellers include the Beanie Boos and Beanie Ballz collections, and the original Beanie Babies and Ty Classic lines are still alive and well.

What Does Ty Make?
Ty has created several unique lines of plush toys over the course of the past years. Sadly, some are no longer around, but only so that Ty has room to continue making new collections! Typically, Ty will make one or two new product lines each year that are announced in January. For 2012, the newest collection announced was the Monstaz line.

You are able to view each member of any collection listed below at the official Ty website by visiting the online catalogs here. Each line is listed to the left, so have fun browsing through!

Where can I find Ty’s products?
Ty is available world-wide at various  different retailers, as well as online. To view online stores, you can visit the Links page. Frequently, you can also find Ty at the  following locations. Click the names of any to be re-directed to their unique store locators.


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