July 5 2013: Pre-Order Ty July Introductions

Pre-sales for the new July products have begun at Fabric Friends & Dolls!

You can now order any of the upcoming Ty products, in addition to old favorites, at this link.

Or, you can directly email Marc from Fabric Friends at burrows0585@comcast.net to place your order.

Which new Beanies will you be getting?!

July 1 2013: Introducing… Summer Ty Products

The time has finally arrived! Ty has officially introduced their newest products for the second half of 2013.

Boos, Ballz, and Monstaz are all present among these new additions, along with special “sparkle” Disney Beanies! Not shown, however, are Mike and Sully (from Disney/Pixar’s Monsters Inc) Beanie Ballz. Their photos are currently unavailable.

Check out the latest releases from Ty, below!


September 9 2012: Introducing… Halloweenie Beanies 2012

Once again, Ty never fails to surprise me!

Just like this year’s Jingle Beanies, I was originally told that these were going to be held off until next year. As it turns out, Ty has begun shipping out a very limited number of brand new Halloweenie Beanies!

The set of four includes:
Batty the bat 35182
Ghouly the ghost 35183
Grizzly the bear 35180
Witchy the pumpkin 35181

According to my reader Peter, these new Halloweenie Beanies are being sold at Walgreens stores. He writes “only one box was in store and they were just being put on the shelves.”

Our friends over at CindysBeans write that these Halloweenies are “very limited” and that the numbers produced are fairly low. If you’re lucky enough to find a set, be sure to buy them while you can!

July 7 2012: What Are Your Thoughts?

Now that “the cat’s out of the bag” for the new releases, what do you all think of them?

Share your opinion with the poll below!

July 1 2012: Who’s Left?

I went through the Ty catalogs and pulled out all the names for products with no pictures, as well as a few items I missed in my previous post. Here they are, shown below. Like I said before, once I can get pictures, I’ll be sure to share them with you all! I also noticed that Spells and Tremble, the former Ty Store exclusive Beanies, have been re-added to the current list… not sure what’s going on with that one.

PS – Ty has (for whatever reason) added a Spider-Man display set and the Fall 2012 Retailer catalog to the current lists (the former is listed in the category “displayer” and the latter is under “misc”). Both can only be found through the Ty Search page. In addition, the Halloweenie Beanies and Jingle Beanies are listed under “ornaments” rather than their proper pages. There are a few Hello Kitty items listed under “ornaments” with no description, so they were left out from the image below.

If you all can’t tell right now, I’m extremely flustered and frustrated with the lack of organization on Ty’s part.


July 1 2012: Introducing… July Part 1

They’re finally out!

Ty has silently added their newest releases for the second half of 2012 to the online catalogs. However, half of the pictures (and names on a few) for new intros were not added. In typical Ty fashion, they love to make things more difficult for us all.

That being said, here are all of the new releases who actually have pictures and names. When (/if) the others receive their pictures and names, I will post them here as well.

PS – Among the no-name/no-picture group are Disney Beanies including Mickey, Minnie, and Kermit the frog (Muppets) as well as several Halloween Beanies and Boos, and hundreds of new NBA Beanie Ballz. There are also Alvin & the Chipmunk Ballz and new XL sizes for the Monstaz… all of the previously released Monstaz will be available in the new size.


June 21 2012: Mystery Hello Kitty Beanies Update

My reader who originally informed me about the KISS and European Hello Kitty Beanies (in my previous post) has provided more information on the photos.

They write:
“I found those photos on a Sanrio-related Facebook page called Sanrio’s Hello Kitty Global several months ago. They post information (mostly in Japanese) and photos about new Hello Kitty products. Here‘s a link to the photo album titled “Ty” that they uploaded back in January. Whoever runs the page said they went to some sort of exhibition in Hong Kong where those Beanie Babies were on display. I think they might have been referring to the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair.”

You can click the link above to view the photo album for yourself (you don’t need a Facebook account to view it). What are your thoughts on these Beanies?

My personal guess is that the Halloween ones are upcoming Halloweenie Beanies from the new releases. Not sure about the Euro exclusives (especially since the first three never showed up in stores). The KISS Beanies may be the result of the KISSxHello Kitty collaboration from 2011 (read about it here).

Share your thoughts in the comments!

July 31 2011: Introducing… New for 2011 (Second Half)

Ty has added a brand new batch of introductions to the Current Lists on Ty’s website. Ty had been teasing us by adding a few pictures of what was to come on their Facebook page, but has finally and officially introduced their new set.

I have composed all of Ty’s new additions below according to their Collection (minus a new Spongebob Beanie Ball… no picture has been added yet). In addition, we can expect a new Breast Cancer awareness Beanie, a new set of Beanie Eraserz, and the Paddles Beanie Boo to show up in stores sometime soon. More info about those later.

Click any of the images below to see the full-sized version.