March 20 2015: Sales at Fabric Friends

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20% off all Ty orders of $20.00 or more at list prices (before tax and/or shipping charges are applied.) Includes all products issued in 2014 or earlier (from any Ty product line). Does not include 2015 new product introductions. 2015 released products can be purchased to bring the subtotal to the coupon minimum, but only products released in 2014 or earlier will receive the discount.

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Waddles the penguin - Sparkle Wings - Click Image to Close

March 5 2015: Ty Toy Fair Madrid

Check out this video from the toy fair in Madrid held recently! The Ty booth had all Boos, Frizzys, and Beanies on display.

Also… it looks like there may have been a sneak peek as some unreleased Boos and Frizzys… check out the screencaps below! There is a key-clip of a speckled elephant and rainbow unicorn Boo, a grey/purple/black Frizzy, and Maddie in Buddy and key-clip sizes!


February 15 2015: New Beanie Boos..?

I’ve seen a lot of you guys asking why there aren’t any new Beanie Boo announcements. I’ve also seen people talking about “new” Boos on eBay like Flora the skunk and Stars the bear.

Yes, I’ve seen Flora, Fantasia, Stars, and all the other Boos on eBay. As I’ve stated before, these are NOT being sold by Ty yet and they are China factory rejects. DO NOT buy them.

Our friends at Ty have a very special way to release Beanie Boos to stores. Please don’t ruin the surprise for others until Ty chooses to make an announcement. New Beanie Boos are always exciting, but please understand that Ty doesn’t want us to see these new faces just yet.