April 6 2014: McDonalds Teenie Beanie Boos?

A big thanks to our friends over at TyCollector and BeanieNews for sharing!

Check out this picture of a mysterious Beanie Boo clip that sports McDonald’s tags… is this a hint at a possible upcoming Happy Meal promotion?

This year is the Happy Meal’s 35th anniversary, so it’s fitting for McDonald’s to celebrate their most successful past toy promotions.

What do YOU think? Would you be excited for a Beanie Boo/McDonald’s collaboration?

March 14 2013: Boos For Sale

I have posted the full list of my Boos that I have for sale! Most of them are duplicates in my collection – so don’t worry, I’m not “getting rid” of anything! :)

You can view the list of Boos now for sale (as well as their prices) at the Yard Sale page.

Most prices are negotiable and I can only accept payment via PayPal. You may email me at brendan@beaniesource.com if interested!

March 8 2014: T-Bone Contest Now Open!


Send an email to brendan@beaniesource.com with the answer to the following question:

In which year did Beanie Babies first hit stores?

Along with your answer, be sure to include your first name, age, and state. Only age 15+ may enter. Contest closes on March 15, 2014… winner announced on March 16th.

January 9 2014: Toy Fair Exclusive – T Bone

In a surprising twist, Ty took to their Facebook page to announce this year’s Toy Fair exclusive.

T-Bone the Beanie Boo is an adorable blue dog with shimmering yellow eyes.

Ty writes that: “This year, retailers who visit a Ty Booth at trade shows are in for a Ty-riffic treat! T-Bone the Dog is an exclusive Beanie Boo made just for Ty Retailers who book an order at a show!”