August 9 2014: Claire’s Exclusives Pellie and Izabella In-Hand

Thanks to our reader Skylar for sharing her photo!

It appears that Claire’s stores are now receiving two new exclusive Beanie Boos – Izabella the husky and Pellie the cat.

The last two Claire’s exclusives (as you may recall) were Bubbly and Zazzy from October.

So while you’re in the mall picking up your hundredth Justice exclusive Boo, be sure to stop by Claire’s as well!

What do you think of these two cute Boos?

July 3 2014: McDonald’s Teenie Beanie Boos Launch

Starting on Friday July 4th, participating McDonald’s restaurants will officially begin giving out Teenie Beanie Boos with their world-famous Happy Meals.

As previously reported, there are 8 styles of Teenie Boos being offered, each in 2 different colors.

To view the Toy page on the Happy Meal website, featuring in-hand videos of each Teenie along with the official TV commercial, click here.