July 2015: Introducing… Part 2!

I’m honestly at a loss for words. Ty has silently introduced a whole new set of Beanie Boos on their official website!!

In addition to that, there are new MLB classic Beanies coming soon.

Included in these new releases are Claire’s and Justice exclusives, and Russian exclusive monkey Beanie Boos. Click any image below to see the full-sized version.


June 23 2015: Introducing Dill!!!

Given that yesterday was the official start of summer, it’s not that surprising that TY has some new products in store for collectors. I was pleasantly surprised to log in online last night and find out that there will be a new summer TY gift show exclusive made available to retailers that attend the annual show. As in the past these have usually been quite limited and should be available to only those stores that attend the show. Dill the cucumber green Chihuahua joins the previously released T-Bone, Tomato, & Dandelion Beanie Boo Chihuahuas from past shows. In the upcoming weeks, be on the lookout at nearby retailers for this Boo to randomly pop up! Below are pics from a lucky Australian retailer who has Dill in hand!

image image image image