January 30, 2014: January Retirements!!



It looks looks like TY has been doing a bit of spring cleaning!! We bid farewell to the Sting & Hopson beanie boos today!! I have to admit that while I wasn’t initially fond of Sting, it has really grown on me, and reminds me very much of the American designer Anne Geddes! If you haven’t ordered Carrots the new rabbit beanie boo from the TY store you’ll also want to hop on it! Hopefully TY will surprise us with some more summer styles, maybe some new insects or bird beanie boos?!? Until then stay warm!!!

January 9 2014: Toy Fair Exclusive – T Bone

In a surprising twist, Ty took to their Facebook page to announce this year’s Toy Fair exclusive.

T-Bone the Beanie Boo is an adorable blue dog with shimmering yellow eyes.

Ty writes that: “This year, retailers who visit a Ty Booth at trade shows are in for a Ty-riffic treat! T-Bone the Dog is an exclusive Beanie Boo made just for Ty Retailers who book an order at a show!”