August 24 2011: Jessica M. Green Photos

For those who love to see Beanies in-hand, you should visit Jessica M. Green’s photo albums on Flickr! She has over one thousand beautiful-quality photos of Beanies, Beanie Buddies, Pluffies, and more; all ranging from common faces to hard-to-find additions.

From Jessica:

“This was my collection when I started collecting again 10 months ago.  I had 332 at this point, and now I have close to 500:

Here is a set with one photo of every Beanie that I own:

Here are some of my “groups” of Beanies:

This is every Ty image I have on Flickr including every hang tag, tush tag and close-up shot:

Here’s a blog entry about that giant collection shot:

If you are interested in seeing more, Jessica’s Flickr username is jessicagreen0202 and her personal website is