July 26, 2014: Third version of Speckles the Leopard Beanie Boo!

In regards to TY, “expect the unexpected” at all TYmes! I was extremely lucky to find a mysterious and “rare” version of Speckles the leopard that is currently being shipped out to retailers! At the Hallmark shop where I purchased mine, there was 1 new version per bag of 6. To recall, the original version was approximately 6″ tall and had non-glittery eyes, a purple hang tag, and white paws. The second version came out in January of this year and has been somewhat elusive itself. It retains the 6″ height, but has glittery eyes, a red hang tag, and yellow paws. The brand new third version mixes the two, it is notably smaller than the previous two version at 4.5 inches, and has a red hang tag, glittery eyes, but now the paws have switched back to white again! Be on the lookout for this new version as it is currently mixed in with shipments of version 2!

July 26, 2014: Chicago Cubs Gracie Beanie Baby Reintroduction!!!

It appears that TY and the Chicago Cubs have once again partnered for a special re-introduction of the 1998 Gracie Beanie Baby giveaway to the first 5,000 children at the August 24, 2014 Game @ Wrigley Field! Tickets are still available to purchase and more information on this giveaway can be found at the link in the provided before. Additionally, I can confirm that even though it’s a replication of the original Gracie the swan beanie baby, this one is notably different. As you can see in the pics below, there’s a very distinct homage and commemoration in the hang tag. Up close, the fabric is different too, it’s more wiry and course feeling, and has a shimmery quality to it, whereas the original was softer and more muted in appearance!


July 24 2014: Counterfeit Warning

I cannot stress enough the importance of NOT buying Beanie Boos from eBay sellers located in China. I have been seeing far too many of my readers and friends wasting their money on falsified Ty items. 

A seller is NOT automatically trustworthy just because they shared photos of new Beanie Boos before anyone else. A seller is NOT trustworthy just because they have a high feedback score. Photos of “unreleased” Beanie Boos are NEVER guaranteed authentic unless stated so by Ty, or sold by Ty through authorized retail stores. 

I have seen the photos being shared on Facebook and other Beanie news sites of alleged “new” or “unreleased” Boos. While they may be exciting to see, and while several of them are super cute, please DO NOT spend your money on these items. 

There are only a few online retailers that can be trusted (such as our partners at FabricFriends). Otherwise, restrict your Ty purchases only to authorized retail stores. These include Justice, Hallmark, Walgreens, and Learning Express.

I don’t want anyone to lose their money over something that can be avoided. 

July 3 2014: McDonald’s Teenie Beanie Boos Launch

Starting on Friday July 4th, participating McDonald’s restaurants will officially begin giving out Teenie Beanie Boos with their world-famous Happy Meals.

As previously reported, there are 8 styles of Teenie Boos being offered, each in 2 different colors.

To view the Toy page on the Happy Meal website, featuring in-hand videos of each Teenie along with the official TV commercial, click here.