October 20 2014: Introducing… Justice Exclusives

Several new Justice exclusives just hitting stores.

As many of you have seen before, there is a new penguin Boo named Patty that is making her way to Justice now.

In addition, there are now medium Buddy sizes for Darci and Fiona, the previous two Justice exclusives who have already been issued in regular, clip, and XL sizes.

Image via eBay

August 30 2014: New Olaf Beanie Baby?

Thanks to my friend Vicky for pointing this one out – 

It looks like Ty secretly added a second version of the Olaf Beanie Baby to their website. This new version is holding a little heart (most likely for Valentine’s Day). 

PS: As a minor note on Ben’s latest post about a Sven Beanie… yes, Sven is a reindeer in the movie and not a moose. Perhaps Ben needs to rewatch this scene in the movie! 


August 29 2014: Disney’s ‘Sven’ Beanie Baby and Buddy!!!


It appears that TY will be shipping Sven the moose to stores this holiday season along with the previously announced “Olaf” the Snowman from Disney’s “Frozen!” I am beyond happy for this as we haven’t had a lifelike beanie moose in ages, plus if the film is any indicator, these plush should be very popular and limited in production! From te pictures I took in my local toy shop, it’s clearly visible that they are already taking pre-orders for these Beanies and Buddies, and don’t expect them to ship until mid-fall!

August 21 2014: Back On Track…

Hey everyone,

I apologize for being so quiet lately – I’ve been work work working nonstop. I’m responding to emails now and will be able to do some updates later on.

Thanks to my co-author Ben for sharing news on some rumored new Boos… what are your thoughts? Do you think they are real?