August 20 2014: Another upcoming beanie boo lamb?!



Thanks to Glubschi who recently posted about yet another lamb beanie boo named Irina! It’s very cute and certainly appears authentic. It has surfaced in Germany, and is so far officially unreleased by TY. What I find to be the most interesting part of this beanie is in it’s hangtag: it references 2015 as the “year of the ram” which according to the Chinese Zodiac is correct. Could this be an attempt to reboot the Zodiac line of beanies for the boo line?! TYme will tell :)

August 19 2014: New 2014 Version of Brutus Beanie Baby!



It appears that TY has decided to re ship a new version of the Brutus Beanie to retailers! Brutus debuted in 2009, was redesigned in 2010 and in 2012, and now has been redesigned with a new hangtag, birthday, and poem. It should match the Ty Classic version that has been shipping to stores as well. While Rottweilers are a popular breed for sure, it would be nice to reinvent the wheel instead of just tweaking existing beanies… Perhaps a Rottweiller Boo would have been more exciting?!

August 9 2014: Claire’s Exclusives Pellie and Izabella In-Hand

Thanks to our reader Skylar for sharing her photo!

It appears that Claire’s stores are now receiving two new exclusive Beanie Boos – Izabella the husky and Pellie the cat.

The last two Claire’s exclusives (as you may recall) were Bubbly and Zazzy from October.

So while you’re in the mall picking up your hundredth Justice exclusive Boo, be sure to stop by Claire’s as well!

What do you think of these two cute Boos?