April 6, Counterfeit Beanie Babies!!!

Just a quick “head up” to let long time collectors know that today I came across a counterfeit Humphrey the camel beanie baby at a local thrift store for $.69! I didn’t hesitate to buy it in the least for several reasons! Namely as an educational tool for myself and collectors, I have yet to acquire an authentic Humphrey and this provides valuable insight into what to look for or not look for when spotting an authentic one. It also serves the dual purpose of taking it off the market per se, as I have now destroyed this counterfeit since and it can no longer continue to trick collectors and negatively impact the secondary market! I strongly urge other collectors to do the same if they ever see counterfeits as it only helps the overall market and collectibility! Lastly, it’s a sad reality of the beanie crazy back in the 90s that it ever resorted in this and the demise of the beanie phenomenon can largely be attributed to unethical market practices such as this. I post the following pics of the counterfeit both as an educational tool, and an interesting attempt to duplicate one of the most sought after beanies ever produced!






April 6 2014: McDonalds Teenie Beanie Boos?

A big thanks to our friends over at TyCollector and BeanieNews for sharing!

Check out this picture of a mysterious Beanie Boo clip that sports McDonald’s tags… is this a hint at a possible upcoming Happy Meal promotion?

This year is the Happy Meal’s 35th anniversary, so it’s fitting for McDonald’s to celebrate their most successful past toy promotions.

What do YOU think? Would you be excited for a Beanie Boo/McDonald’s collaboration?

March 14 2013: Boos For Sale

I have posted the full list of my Boos that I have for sale! Most of them are duplicates in my collection – so don’t worry, I’m not “getting rid” of anything! :)

You can view the list of Boos now for sale (as well as their prices) at the Yard Sale page.

Most prices are negotiable and I can only accept payment via PayPal. You may email me at brendan@beaniesource.com if interested!